Thursday, December 27, 2018

Predictions 2019: Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence

Would AI be empowering cyberattacks progressively more? 
Is it within the bounds of possibility that the forces of AI hackers
will execute more accelerated invasions with more automation?

No one can travel ahead of time to know how many and how massive would the data breaches be in 2019, but one can expect the portents, and thus the answer to the above questions is an inevitable silent nod.

Automation, powered by AI, would be adopted to avoid detection by the seldom trained Machine Learning engines and the brute-force attacks driven by AI -where the tedious tasks will be automated, so the criminals can direct their energy on data-rich environments.

Morey Haber (CTO) and Brian Chappell (Sr. Director) at BeyondTrust predict that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will scrutinise on the possible opportunities to exploit and generate strategies that will drive to a rising rate of successful attacks. Moreover, past unbeaten hacks will be incorporated into the new raids; i.e. to say it will potentially learn the security procedures from previous exploits and make it tougher to resist against.

As chatbots have increased the possibility of more interaction, increased user engagement and direct communication -it's next in line to be used as a tool of exploit. An article published on scmagazine sights on the authority of the WatchGuard Threat Lab Research Team that cybercriminals and black hat hackers would employ social engineering by creating malicious chatbots on genuine websites. What for? To make the nescient folk click or download malware files or sharing their personal data.

At certain instances, AI has shown an unfavourable course of actions such as racial profiling, unfairly denying individuals loans, and incorrectly identifying basic information about users. According to Candace Worley (Chief Technical Strategist, McAfee), Artificial Intelligence must be trained to prioritise justice, accountability, responsibility and transparency and well-being; over and above that it should also detect hacking, exploits and the misuse of data.

In the opinion of Rina Shainski (Co-founder and Chairwoman of Duality Technologies), Cyber Security in 2019 wouldn't merely imply guarding sensitive and confidential information. With the advent of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, not only corporations, science and medicine but security too have to leverage, collaborate on and monetise their data without being exposed to privacy breaches, giving up their intellectual property or having their data misused.

As pointed out by Kelly Shortridge, Companies are expeditiously shifting their data to the Cloud, hence a shortfall of 3.5 million cyber-threats that confirms a real demand for these easy pickings are predicted. Further predicted is that businesses would grapple to manipulate public cloud and need a vital security priority for 2019 -leaving the teams of Cloud and DevOps distraught.

I think the big innovation is in best practice standards for IoT
 — Damon Ponemon, Vice President of Technology to Detect Evil.

She adds yet another hurdle demonstrated with the latest design of an assault which unites card enumeration with smart gadgets, from plugs to TVs, coffee makers, traffic lights. 

It's not just big businesses under threat, it could be someone we know. Many people around the world are targeted through email phishing scams and other cyber crimes on a regular basis. As a Cyber Defender, one can make a real difference in ensuring people safety!
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The list of cybercrimes may be never-ending, but what's important is that the Cyber Defence needs to employ artificial intelligence for faster analytics to detect malicious activities. They can use the very same weapons for protection. With machine learning and AI-driven response, enterprises will also be able to explore innovative solutions allowing them to stay ahead of the next untold menace.

The cybersecurity professionals understand that specific attacks will change and evolve, but the motives remain the same: delicate data is an alluring target for the cyber-invaders. They will continue to design new methods to bypass protection systems devised by the cybersecurity industry. It's a continuous cycle —a real cat-and-mouse game.


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