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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Predictions 2019: Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence

Would AI be empowering cyberattacks progressively more? 
Is it within the bounds of possibility that the forces of AI hackers
will execute more accelerated invasions with more automation?

No one can travel ahead of time to know how many and how massive would the data breaches be in 2019, but one can expect the portents, and thus the answer to the above questions is an inevitable silent nod.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Common Cyber Security Risks And Solutions

It’s evident with the ‘90s Hackers to the present Mr Robot that Crime and Criminals have had been an endless subject of fascination. Although it has entertained and attracted people to this domain of knowledge, it hasn't been adequately understood outside of industry professionals.
Cybercriminals have precise and varied goals —from performing ransomware attacks like the infamous WannaCry to stealing company database records. To burglarize sophisticated systems, hackers should be creative, versatile, and be able to always look into the greater picture.

Thus, implementing efficient cybersecurity measures is a daunting task now as devices have outnumbered people, and attackers have grown more innovative.

Indeed, there is a growing concern amongst experts that cybersecurity firms are severely understaffed, and the current count is not sufficient to combat the ever-increasing number of cyber attacks. A report out from Cybersecurity Ventures assessed that there would be 3.5 mn unfilled cybersecurity jobs as we near 2021, up from 1 mn openings last year. While the employment figures from the U.S. and India stress on the cybersecurity labour crisis.